Grenade Box,
Material: Armor Plate

Shipping and Storage Container for M939 Transmission, Material: Steel

Engine Maintenance Stand,
Material: Steel

MRAP Stowage Boxes, Material: Aluminum

NBC Air Filter, Material: Aluminum

Shipping and Storage Container
for Naval Air Components,
Material: Aluminum

MRAP Command Vehicle Fenders,
Material: Aluminum

M2 Machine Gun Tripod Mount,
Material: Steel

Electrical Junction Box, Material: Steel

HMVWW Tailgates Queued for Paint Line, Material: Aluminum

Insulated Engine Cover, Material: Aluminum, Foam Insulator Panel

Product Fresh Off Of The Paint Line

GEDMS Enclosure, Material: Varied

MRAP Stowage Boxes, Material, Aluminum

Fire Extinguisher Bracket,
Material: Steel